Monday, 6 May 2002

Dead Animal

5.6.02 INT. DEBARTOLO HALL RM. 316 9:43am DAY

there is a reason i smell like a dead animal.

marmoset body count: four

new film link: curious

today i am rancid

Friday, 3 May 2002

Rally Behavior

today marks the beginning of my finals week rally behavior. no shaving, minimum grooming, only necessary washing. i’ll be wearing the same clothes until i go home on the 9th. disgusting i know. there is a reason. it makes marmoset hunting much easier. the pygmy marmoset is the tangible form that all things stressful in my life take with me. so around finals time they have been breeding all semester and now coordinate an all out offensive for my soul. i must bend all of my psychic energies to defeating them and keeping their nefarious plan to overthrow the universe at bay. this semester i have an ally: the Notre Dame squirrel. since i have made friends with them they have agreed to act as my infantry. i like aminals (*twitch twitch*)

today i am clean

Wednesday, 24 April 2002


we have to start packing up our rooms in the next week. it seems kind of dumb that they expect us to move everything out of our living space and study for finals in a little white shell. hopefully the weather will be nice and i can do my work outside. i am anxious for the summer to get here because it will be much less stressful. the good thing is that i have minimal work for the rest of the year. i am starting on one of my final papers and hopefully i’ll get a good jump on it before the week is over. today is going to be a good day. it is supposed to thunderstorm severely which is very nice, but right now it is sunny and warm. i’ll enjoy either. thats my goal now, just to enjoy things instead of stewing in my own juices. i don’t make for a good marinade.