Last Home Game

Saturday, 23 November 2002

my last home game as a se­nior at Notre Dame has just ended. right now i am sob­bing my eyes out. no longer will i be able to ex­pe­ri­ence the unity and spirit of the stu­dent sec­tion at a home game as a mem­ber of the stu­dent body. as much as i have hated it here, see­ing my friend PJ cry­ing af­ter the alma mater was played struck a chord deep within me. it hurts. oh god, it hurts. sit­ting next to PJ who was a mem­ber of my sec­tion fresh­man year, and cry­ing with him re­minded me of each year of my time here and the mem­o­ries as­so­ci­ated with it. Freshman year my seats were in the end­zone and i painted my en­tire body for every game. sopho­more year was sim­i­lar ex­cept that my seats moved a lit­tle far­ther down­field. ju­nior year i learned a lit­tle safety and started wear­ing ac­tual clothes to the colder games. and this year, my se­nior year has ex­ceeded all ex­pec­ta­tion. i never ex­pected to be 10 – 1. i never planned that my last home game as a stu­dent would be against the same team that my first Notre Dame game was against: Rutgers. both games were shutouts and both con­tain their own spe­cial aura. this is the first great end­ing in my life as a se­nior. when i called my mother she didn’t ac­tu­ally think i was cry­ing. she didn’t re­ally un­der­stand, which is ok. next, i called my un­cle Corbin, who took me to my first home game. he un­der­stood. it is in­cred­i­bly hard to not have any feel­ings for a team and a stu­dent body that you have re­joiced and sobbed with through vic­tory and de­feat for 4 years. oh god, i want my team to do so well, and i want to help them in any way i can. my heart is on the field with them every time they play. i might not un­der­stand the in­tri­ca­cies of foot­ball but dammit i know what it feels like to want to win with all your power. its so won­der­ful and so hor­ri­ble. at least i rec­og­nize the im­por­tance of this day, but it hurts so much to know it will never hap­pen again, in this same way. i re­mem­ber my sopho­more year and our game against #1 Nebraska. we took those moth­er­fuck­ers to over­time de­spite their sea of red. my fresh­man year, beat­ing Michigan at Michigan, and rub­bing salt into the wounds of those un­sports­man­like bas­tards. the de­ba­cle of the Fiesta Bowl and Bob Davie and his whin­ing. our los­ing sea­son my ju­nior year. and then, this year, not over yet, but glo­ri­ous all the same. an 8 – 0 start with a new coach Tyrone, who is noth­ing but busi­ness and re­spect, who rec­og­nizes and de­sires our par­tic­i­pa­tion and de­mands in the most im­por­tant ways, ex­cel­lence from my team: Notre Dame. This year has taught me what it means to be a Notre Dame fan. what it means to love a team, and scream un­til you lose your voice for vic­tory. when each half fights for the other vic­tory is al­most as­sured. my tears have dried up a bit. but i hope the mem­o­ries never will. this cry­ing sad­ness is a good one, i have loy­alty, re­spect, and drive for my fel­low stu­dents, and i love the ways in which we show our own dri­ves for ex­cel­lence.

Shit Gets Crazy

Saturday, 26 October 2002

8 – 0!!!!! Beating our 4th ranked op­po­nent of the sea­son. Neal has un­suc­cess­fully pre­dicted our loss for two straight weeks. Maybe now we’ll get some re­spect. i was sup­posed to get the sto­ry­boards and a pa­per typed over break, I com­pleted the sto­ry­boards, barely, and didn’t do shite on the pa­per. Starting Monday shit gets crazy again un­til mid de­cem­ber.

7 – 0

Sunday, 20 October 2002

back, from re­menyik, could’ve done bet­ter, but did ok. ND is 7 – 0, next week­end vs. Florida State. i’m go­ing home mo­men­tar­ily, no up­dates till next sat­ur­day. i love you all.

6 – 0

Sunday, 13 October 2002

we’re now 6 – 0! Yesterday’s game was per­haps the worst col­lege foot­ball game i have ever seen; but, we still won! to­day will be spent prepar­ing for midterm week. i have home­work out the wa­zoo. this week­end steve and ward came in and i fi­nally met their bud­dies miller and jorg?. the weather is chang­ing to true fall weather. to­day it is very brisk out­side, and very re­fresh­ing, al­though all too soon we will be sub­merged un­der moun­tains of snow. i’d bet­ter get busy.

ND beats Stanford

Saturday, 5 October 2002

Booya!!! Notre Dame is off to a 5 – 0 start baby! My cousin Anthony came up for the game, his first for Notre Dame. Late last night i man­aged to scrounge up a ticket for him. I gave him the whirl­wind tour and got him a free sand­wich from the Knights of Columbus con­ces­sion stand. Stanford seemed to keep us stupi­fied for the first half and their only score was the re­sult of a re­ally con­fus­ing drive that be­gan with a ‘rough­ing the cen­ter’ call. The ref­er­ees sucked but a 31 – 7 vic­tory ain’t noth­ing to com­plain about.

ND beats Michigan State

Saturday, 21 September 2002

we’re 4 – 0! this is the best start for ND in a looonng time. I’m very glad we fi­nally beat Michigan State, i’ve been wait­ing for a vic­tory over them for 4 years. next week we have a bye and then the fol­low­ing week on October 5 we face Stanford at home. i’m go­ing to buy a ticket for my cousin Anthony so he can come up and watch a game in Notre Dame sta­dium. it will be an es­pe­cially poignant game be­cause our coach used to be Stanford’s coach. Go Ty! we ap­prove of you.

ND beats Michigan 25 – 23

Saturday, 14 September 2002

i love to win. Notre Dame beat our archri­val Michigan 25 – 23. we were ranked 21 and they were ranked 6. can some­body say up­set? fuck­yeah! so af­ter we won, we rushed the field and i got a chunk of the north end­zone as a sou­venir. i can­not speak and am rather de­hy­drated, which must be fixed be­cause i have a date with a bot­tle of wine later this evening. Go Irish!