Bloody Long Day

Monday, 16 September 2002

what a bloody long day! got up at 8 and went straight until 10. got my first food of the day at approximately 10:12. film idea is approved and is now being fleshed out into a screenplay. i’ll probably start storyboarding the bastard next week. film noir was boring. work was even more so as i had to manually update the addresses of the several hundred Anthro majors and minors in the department. i got about 2/3 of the way through the smaller list of the minors. it will await me on wednesday. then practice. i’m hyped. janusz and zoltan are gonna be good for us and i think with their leadership our team will definitely excel. after practice my last class of the day went for 3 hours. we watched Full Metal Jacket and then talked about war. its tough because i disagree with what many of them perceive in the films because i have a background in the subject. That means i’m becoming That Guy? in the classes. you know, the one everyone hates because he is a disagreeable know-it-all. i’m gonna try to talk less. (my case would make an interesting psychological anthropology study).