Gill Sans Fatigue

Monday, 1 February 2010

I have Gill Sans fatigue. Its increasing ubiquity might merely be the result of my increasing awareness of various typefaces, confirmation bias, or something else, but everywhere I look, there it is. On all of the Colliers Ostendorf-​Morris for-​lease signs (and there are a lot of those in downtown Cleveland) on banners advertising luxury lofts, on signs in hallways, on business cards, on the side of commercial vans, on plaques and displays at the Museum of Natural History. Everywhere.

What used to be my favorite font is now played out (or has been and I’m just now noticing). I still like Eric Gill’s work, though. And by work I don’t mean the fact that he slept with his sisters, daughters and family dog. I mean his typefaces, woodblock prints and sculpture.