Metalheads and Goth Chicks

Thursday, 18 April 2002

this place needs more metalheads and goth chicks, if we had them in significant numbers (instead of just me a few football players and one pseudo-​gothesque art girl) things would be alot more interesting. metal just makes things better. and pretty goth chicks are just yummy (especially redheaded ones). a girl can be normal and be attractive but if she goes goth then DAMN! the attractiveness level increases 5fold. now i’m not even a typical metalhead (neither is phil even though he thinks he is). i don’t have the hair or the dress or the attitude, but metal speaks to me in the same way, perhaps even more so since i think about it too much for my own good. metal can save the world. and goth chicks…well…yummy…i mean…sheesh…they are just…wow.

the thingy up top is something new that i am going to try out. each day i’ll give a progress report on what i am working on, what i am listening to and a one word illustration of what i am feeling like.