Goat Roast 2002

Monday, 22 April 2002

today was the annual Anthropology Department Goat Roast. At nine in the morning some anthro majors and the profs, using stone tools produced in the Lithic Technologies class, butchered a goat and a sheep. keep in mind that properly produced obsidian stone knives are something like 5times sharper than a surgeon’s scalpel. so the actual cutting part was pretty easy. then they were marinaded, kebabed and grilled to perfection. not to mention the other great foods that accompanied it: goat curry, chili, salad, noodles, potato dishes, and wonderful peanut butter/​chocolate bars. when anthro people get together the parties are great. especially since most of the side dishes were recipes from around the world. i’m going to buy the new anthro club tshirt too its pretty nice. i got to do some flint knapping myself, but since i have never taken the class, i’m not too good at it. however, i did get a nice sharp flake that i cut my thumb with. i would have died very early if i had been cro-​magnon. cleanup sucked mostly because we were all numb with cold but hey if that is the price you pay to be an anthro nerd with all the other anthro nerds (profs included) so be it. hot damn i had fun!