Goth Dreams and Continuity Editing

Thursday, 15 May 2003

I had this dream the other night, where I was in this goth club just mind­ing my own busi­ness lis­ten­ing to some kick­ass dark­wave, when some dude started some­thing.

Apparently I was not suf­fi­ciently ‘goth’ to be present in the club [i.e. I wasn’t dressed very gothy.] He said some­thing along the lines of ‘You don’t look goth, you’re not wel­come here.’

To which I replied with my char­ac­ter­is­tic ra­zor dream-wit ‘You aren’t very goth your­self if you think it’s some­thing only de­ter­mined by style.’

Before he had a chance to re­ply, his goth girl­friend, all fired up with her black makeup, red fish­nets and flut­terby wings de­cided to de­fend her mate. I con­tin­ued to sit placidly lis­ten­ing to some Dorsetshire. She ap­proached and told me to [I’ll para­phrase] ‘Fuck off.’

I po­litely de­clined.

To which, en­raged, she then told me to fol­low her out­side where she os­ten­si­bly was pre­pared to kick my ass. I said: ‘Fie! I am al­lowed to choose the weapons.’

Briefly puz­zled, she con­ceded this point. I chose swords, and since she was goth and swords are suf­fi­ciently gothy she ac­cepted. So she took down two rapiers from the wall and pro­ceded out. On my way out, I grabbed a cou­ple of full ash­trays. Stopping by the door, I re­moved the butts and com­bined all the ashes into one tray. Then I spit a big gob into the ashes, mixed it to­gether and smeared it all over my face. Out I went.

Needless to say, I looked a bit goth­ier, and goth girl was a bit taken aback. She handed me my sword with a flab­ber­gasted look that was quickly re­placed by the old anger. Most of the club was out­side now, ready to watch her kick my ass. I as­sume they as­sumed that since she was goth she had an in­nate knowl­edge of sword­play, whereas t-shirt and jeans guy [me] wouldn’t know jack.

‘I’m ready,’ said I. She lifted her blade high, yaw­ped, and fol­lowed this up by rush­ing me. Her flut­terby wings flapped be­hind her. She was some sort of de­mented fairy.

When she got close enough, I cut the blade out of her hand.

‘I used to fence in col­lege.’

In my dreams I switch back and forth from POV shots to high-an­gle medium shots [in­clud­ing medium-close, and medium-long]. Thus my dreams are quite like movies. I won­der if oth­ers’ dreams func­tion in this way. If this is so, I see two pos­si­bil­i­ties for ap­pli­ca­tion within film the­ory.

  1. That the de­vel­op­ment of con­ti­nu­ity edit­ing styles is di­rectly re­lated to a sub­con­scious un­der­stand­ing of dream-func­tions. The im­pli­ca­tions that this would have upon ideas of psy­cho­an­a­lytic film the­ory and su­ture bog­gle my mind. And:
  2. That im­mer­sion in tele­vi­sion and film ex­pe­ri­ences has changed the way peo­ple dream. I don’t even want to try to get my head around that.

Metalheads and Goth Chicks

Thursday, 18 April 2002

this place needs more met­al­heads and goth chicks, if we had them in sig­nif­i­cant num­bers (in­stead of just me a few foot­ball play­ers and one pseudo-gothesque art girl) things would be alot more in­ter­est­ing. metal just makes things bet­ter. and pretty goth chicks are just yummy (es­pe­cially red­headed ones). a girl can be nor­mal and be at­trac­tive but if she goes goth then DAMN! the at­trac­tive­ness level in­creases 5fold. now i’m not even a typ­i­cal met­al­head (nei­ther is phil even though he thinks he is). i don’t have the hair or the dress or the at­ti­tude, but metal speaks to me in the same way, per­haps even more so since i think about it too much for my own good. metal can save the world. and goth chicks…well…yummy…i mean…sheesh…they are just…wow.

the thingy up top is some­thing new that i am go­ing to try out. each day i’ll give a pro­gress re­port on what i am work­ing on, what i am lis­ten­ing to and a one word il­lus­tra­tion of what i am feel­ing like.