Cadence Weapon at the Grog Shop

Monday, 7 April 2008

Last Thursday I went to the Grog Shop to catch Cadence Weapon while every­one else was at the Beachland see­ing Explosions in the Sky. I man­aged to chat with Rollie for a bit be­fore the sets start­ed. He said that their tour had been in­ter­sect­ing with EitS a few times al­ready. He was al­so sick as a dog, but put on a more en­er­getic set, de­spite ob­vi­ous­ly hav­ing to put forth supreme ef­fort to do, than most non-sick folks I see. DJ Weez-l was just as sick [slang sense this time] on the turnta­bles, as you’ll see if you watch the video, which con­tains two songs, “House Music” from Afterparty Babies and “Oliver Square” from Breaking Kayfabe.

His newest al­bum, Afterparty Babies, came out last month, I picked up both that and Breaking Kayfabe on vinyl. Afterparty Babies came with a coupon for a free mp3 down­load of the al­bum that doesn’t work. I sent the la­bel, ANTI-, an email, and emailed Cadence Weapon’s site as well, but haven’t heard a damn thing.