Sunday, 7 July 2002

i did it! i, the incompetent foot-​in-​mouth antisuavo geekoid, asked a cute girl to go for some coffee and a chat! this is uncharted territory for me because i have been way too shy up until this point. she couldn’t do it because she has to look after her sister but she left me an open invitation to come back (to borders)and ask her again. go me!so i suppose i will go back once i have a free moment and see what happens. the big news out of all of this however, is that I ACTUALLY GOT up the nerve to do it! if i can do it anyone can. (sounds like one of those weight loss testimonials 🙂

i’m sorry, this needs much better explanation, so i’m gonna turn it into a yarn.

this girl is one purty thing. 51″ probably around 90 pounds, big light brown eyes, hair just above her shoulders that was once pink but has now faded into a rose color, nice breasts for her size, poised and engaging (not the breasts, her). she has a nose ring and is a music major at Southern Michigan. her name is ani. she initiated the conversation at the aptly named ‘checkout’ by asking me if i was a college student. when i asked her about herself she told me many things and we had a nice if brief conversation. i think she was just as googlymoogly nervous as i was but i could just be doing some Freudian projection. anyways i just have to scrounge up some time to get into the store and talk to her again, perhaps this time remembering to ask for her phone number.