Haunted House

Thursday, 31 October 2013

They say the house has eyes,
which isn't a surprise,
as any eight year old could tell you.

They say a baseball hit too hard,
always ends up in that yard,
and I've surely lost a few.

I once dared my friend Billy,
who thought I was silly
and didn't have a clue,

to go ring the bell,
and then come back and tell
if all the tales were true.

When he returned
unhurt and unburned
right then I learned

it's not the house that is haunted
but you.

Halloween 2007

Wednesday, 31 October 2007

DSC02360 This is the first Halloween in some­thing like a decade in which I’ve not watched The Crow on Devil’s Night and The Rocky Horror Picture Show on All Hallows Eve it­self. What with my dou­ble-gim­péd­ness and var­i­ous oth­er re­spon­si­bil­i­ties, I had to for­go the plea­sure.

I did, how­ev­er, get to hand out can­dy for the first time in about a decade as well. I es­ti­mat­ed fair­ly well, based on the num­ber of gob­lins that my neigh­bor had last year. I have per­haps 20 Kit Kats left. It was fun to sit out on the porch and en­cour­age the lit­tlest ones to say “Trick or Treat” and give the old­er kids with­out cos­tumes shit for not hav­ing cos­tumes. I made pa­per cranes for the adults, and it was good to pass the time fold­ing in be­tween groups of gob­lins. The moth­ers were all tick­led to get them.

The Pumpkin Tide

I saw thou­sands of pump­kins last night
come float­ing in on the tide,
bump­ing up against the rocks and
rolling up on the beach­es;
it must be Halloween in the sea.

–Richard Brautigan, 1968

I carved on Sunday with some friends. Last minute plan­ning re­sult­ed in a lack of pump­kin, but carv­ing wa­ter­mel­ons was just as fun, and ul­ti­mate­ly more ef­fec­tive on dis­play, when carved and lit ap­pro­pri­ate­ly. Still my fa­vorite hol­i­day, even as the fla­vor changes with age.