i’m try­ing to get a com­ments thing up and run­ning for these ran­dom mus­ings. it is tougher than it looks espe­cial­ly for some­one that knows no HTML. i don’t like it when peo­ple get sick. i nev­er know what to do to help them out. when­ev­er i get sick i just wrap myself up in a bunch of clothes and blan­kets and go under my cov­ers with my elec­tric blan­ket on and don’t leave until i feel bet­ter. i think my poet­ry needs some­thing new, but i can­not fig­ure out what. i need to talk about it with some­one. this week­end is going to be long for many rea­sons some of them good. i went to mccormicks and had kicked all kinds of ass at darts. good­night.