Cadence Weapon at the Grog Shop

Monday, 7 April 2008

Last Thursday I went to the Grog Shop to catch Cadence Weapon while everyone else was at the Beachland seeing Explosions in the Sky. I managed to chat with Rollie for a bit before the sets started. He said that their tour had been intersecting with EitS a few times already. He was also sick as a dog, but put on a more energetic set, despite obviously having to put forth supreme effort to do, than most non-sick folks I see. DJ Weez-l was just as sick [slang sense this time] on the turntables, as you’ll see if you watch the video, which contains two songs, “House Music” from Afterparty Babies and “Oliver Square” from Breaking Kayfabe.

His newest album, Afterparty Babies, came out last month, I picked up both that and Breaking Kayfabe on vinyl. Afterparty Babies came with a coupon for a free mp3 download of the album that doesn’t work. I sent the label, ANTI-, an email, and emailed Cadence Weapon’s site as well, but haven’t heard a damn thing.

Jurassic 5

Friday, 24 January 2003

Student Film Festival was last night. ’twas excellent. leaving in a few hours to fence at OSU and kick some buckeye ass.

The Friday mp3

I’m not too big on rap, yet I like Jurassic 5. They rap with an old school flavor that in a way that is refreshing from crap stuff like Nelly or Nellie or eminem or M&M or Method Man or Red Man or Colostomy Man just to name a few. i haven’t done my research but i have a feeling they started out as a freestyle rap group along the lines of Freeway. It’s nice. Anyway, here’s What’s Golden.