Hope v. Faith

Wednesday, 4 June 2003

A big deal is of­ten made of hope, most­ly pos­i­tive, Pandora’s Box con­tained hope, to as­suage the mis­eries it re­leased. The Matrix: Reloaded even makes a point about it. Hope ap­par­ent­ly is a sav­ing grace, some­thing that keeps us hu­mans dream­ing.

I don’t see it that way, to me, hope is some­thing of a wolf in sheep’s cloth­ing.

Hope of­fers no guar­an­tees, just pos­si­bil­i­ties. These pos­si­bil­i­ties may or may not ac­tu­al­ly reach fruition. Thus, the rea­son we hope for them. So hope con­tains a fun­da­men­tal un­cer­tain­ty that we choose to ig­nore.

ex: I hope she likes me.

Now, she may or may not like me, I do not know, but I re­al­ly want it to be true. Although this is what I want, I still rec­og­nize that it might not hap­pen de­spite stuff­ing this knowl­edge deep down. Thus spawn­ing the child of hope, anx­i­ety.

Faith, on the oth­er hand, is much more se­cure. True faith is un­shake­able, be­cause al­though it might be a ref­er­ent to the same pos­si­bil­i­ties that can be hoped for, there is no room for doubt. It is some­thing be­lieved, not a pos­si­bil­i­ty be­lieved.

ex: I be­lieve that she likes me.

Still, she may or may not like me, but I know that she does. I am se­cure in this be­lief. I am blind to the fact that I may be wrong, but at least the anx­i­ety is nowhere to be found.

It is a shame I am a hope­ful per­son in­stead of a hope­less one. Anxiety is nev­er a good thing.