Fencing Conditioning

fenc­ing con­di­tion­ing is a rather inter­est­ing activ­i­ty. sure we do lots of foot­work, etc. but Zoltan our Euro assis­tant coach has his own unique meth­ods which i believe are called the Idi­ot­ic Hun­gar­i­an Jump­ing Drills. They are not idi­ot­ic because they are unef­fec­tive, on the con­trary, they are good aer­o­bi­cal­ly and mus­cu­lar­ly. they are idi­ot­ic because we look like men­tal­ly defi­cient hyper­ac­tive bono­bos while doing them. one drill in par­tic­u­lar is incred­i­bly ridicu­lous. we have to run the length of the gym ‘high-knees’ style while wind­milling both arms in oppo­site direc­tions. what i like least though is the one legged jump­ing. its fine for my right leg but it absolute­ly destroys my left leg. aceta­minophen and ice only do so much.

in oth­er news, the quest for grad school con­tin­ues.