Made for TV Movie

Monday, 15 July 2002

I had a nice weekend. Friday, I made a new friend and stayed up all night watching movies with her. We watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Trainspotting, and If These Walls Could Talk. This last movie she had rented because it had Cher in it. It was an awful movie; it had an allstar cast, Demi Moore, Anne Heche, Sissy Spacek, Cher, Craig T. Nelson and Matthew Lillard (Cereal Killer from Hackers and most recently Shaggy from Scooby-​Doo). Nothing redeeming about it, it watched like a MFTVM and fed off of the controversy centering on abortion for the past 50 years. bleah. Cher (playing an abortion doctor) got shot by Matthew Lillard. She’s come a long way since Wild on the Beach. You’ve gotta love the oldstyle teenpic. bleah. It was a surprisingly gory film. Anyway, we were up till 5 in the morning watching said films and then, as the sun rose, I headed home for some somnolence. Twas good times.

a note on the new links: New (or at least officially on the list): defective yeti, explodingdog, grinandferret, highindustrial, littleyellowdifferent. Probationary: ani, soliloquy. Removed:most university sites of my friends, not as a subtle way to say you aren’t my friends anymore but just because linking to you doesn’t really go with the site content. (i’m an asshole, thats a huge copout). You’ll probably get put back on eventually, i just don’t know where yet.

Goal for the day: Figure out how to make links open themselves in a new window once they have been clicked on. That means I should start hunting through the source code of random websites now. Wunderbar!

Check out Self.

update: If These Walls Could Talk ISMFTVM. yep i sure can call ‘em. I also got the popup thing working thanks to this place. Verbal Impotence has been redesigned.