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Ignorance & Agnosticism

There isn’t a lot of difference between the root meanings of ignorant and agnostic; but there is a vast difference in their modern connotations. Ignorance is essentially the result of holding a point of view due to lack of facts or a reasonable thought process. For the most part, it is a passive situation. We […]

Know Nothings

Bear with me here, please. After brief conscious mastication, followed by a long boil in the subsconscious, and another bout of conscious banging my head against this thread [and accompanying article], these are what I think about some stuff. We always know nothing. [Yes, that contradicts itself, as do most of my navel-gazings]. Here we […]

HUGE CO…rooster

yeah so i cleaned my room and did laundry. yeah and my mom asked me if i was satanic the other day. she meant it too. i think she just assumes the worst since i don’t live at home under her protective wing. its boring under a protective wing, i’d rather go exploring. i’m not […]

Jack Squat

i guess it goes without saying that being involved in a relationship is a very interesting and sometimes frightening experience. but i need to say it. hell, i don’t have much experience along these lines. what y’all know is new to me. i think the two fundamental aspects that should be basic to any relationship […]