Metal Christmas

it is rather dif­fi­cult to get into the christ­mas spir­it with finals/papers/projects loom­ing over me. every year i attempt it and every year i can­not seem to get excit­ed for the hol­i­days until around the 20th, when school ends and i get to go home. i guess for me hol­i­days don’t exist with­out fam­i­ly.

The Fri­day mp3

this week is an exam­ple of one of the ways i go about try­ing to get into the hol­i­day mode. by lis­ten­ing to chirst­mas music. i have this CD called ‘Met­al Christ­mas’ which is a col­lec­tion of var­i­ous Hol­i­day songs by obscure peo­ple from now defunct met­al bands. Iron Maid­en, Uri­ah Heep, Wings, FM. shit like that. but one of those songs isn’t the song of the week. instead you get a dou­ble dose, a song by the Smash­ing Pump­kins and a song by Sarah McLach­lan.