Hani and Haggai

Thursday, 23 May 2002


today i worked with a Palestinian and an Israeli; Hani and Haggai respectively. they got along fine, speaking arabic and joking around. if they can do it why can’t all of the others? fighting for your beliefs is one thing, fighting another person because of their beliefs is infinitely deconstructive. its victory is annihilation leaving nothing behind but ashes. they joked about the middle-​east and debated in a respectable manner. no hints of violence. the media influence makes it seem that middle-​easterners are all excessively violent exotics that are only a concern of ours because they supply us with oil. they are just like us white middle-​class. i like them both. they like each other. no need for killing. its nice.


the violence is real for them, Hani is from Nazareth, Haggai from Tel Aviv (i think). they have lived in the midst of a war that has been going on since Israel was formed as a state. in fact the recent battles are just the continuation of a war thousands of years old. violence is commonplace. i can’t imagine…