Eponymous Duty

Monday, 14 October 2002

an­other bor­ing night of Society and Culture through Film. We watched Its a Wonderful Life. And the dis­cus­sion there­after was just as nickel-and-dime as the film it­self. the most in­ter­est­ing thing in the class is the girl that sits next to me. Her name is Anne. i’d rather watch her than an­other stink­ing movie. at least she is in­ter­est­ing. work sucked to­day as well. since i had noth­ing re­ally to do, i was given the epony­mous duty of “Shining the Leaves of All the Plants in the Office.” ex­plain to me again why a se­nior is needed for this job? BTW. go here and mouseover the lit­tle dome icon thingy. any­way, i’m out of box­ers. time to do some laun­dry.