Friday, 20 September 2002

This Friday’s song comes from a band that kicks no end of ass: Jimmie’s Chicken Shack. They are funny, creative, sometime political and always good to listen to. They hail from the southeast coast of the US. Heavily influenced by reggae and the dead it is inevitable that they smoke up alot, but hell people have been smoking up for hundreds of years. it was terribly difficult to pick a song of theirs: I recommend Lazy Boy Dash, Do Right, High, Blood, Sitting with the Dog, in fact the whole album Pushing the Salmanilla Envelope. today’s pick is my favorite song of theirs: Milk.

Spring Break 2002

Wednesday, 13 March 2002

well i’m back from break. this one is gonna be long so prepare yourself. it was nice being home for even a few days, as it is also nice being back here when mike isn’t around so i can actually be in my room. i read “let us now praise famous men” by james agee while at home. on the way up i listened to Poe’s Haunted album, the toadies, BOC, The Crow Soundtrack, and jimmie’s chicken shack. i bought a cool hat and a toadies tshirt at goodwill for $2.68, you just can’t beat it. it is a beautiful day out today. the perfect girl for me is a girl who is independent, not high-​maintenance, and strong. i want someone who is intellectually stimulating and will be there for me when i am weak, and who will call on me when she is in similar straits. yet, i want a girl who is compassionate and determined, sympathetic and full of fun. mom thinks i am too horny. she doesn’t realize that the majority of guys are just as bad, and for me in particular, i have been this way for years, just now i am talking about it. the NCAA fencing championship is next weekend, i hope we win, we have waited long enough and deserve it. my friend phil is coming up to visit sometime this weekend. i’m working on getting my webcam to stream video but i need the java scripts for it…chuck helped me out with a site. i put in a couple of new poems as well…purge and cellar door. i have reenforced and notarized the statement that “i burn” by the toadies is my favorite song ever. i got the album up and working so you no longer need a password to see the pictures. i know there was more to write about but i cannot think of it right now. peace.