A Brag

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Here’s how Cleveland is better than wherever you live. Only here can I imagine the ease with which one can go from a planning session on increasing local government transparency (replete with excellent, locally produced, ethnically accurate Arabic food)(and awash with qualified, motivated, well-​intentioned folks from all walks of life) to a ten minute drive to a bar with the best Ukrainian food outside of Ukraine to celebrate your neighbor’s birthday with his family and plenty of krupnikas, pierogie, and potato pancakes. Not only that, but when you tell the Ukrainian bartender you want a Baltika, she knows to bring you the 8.0% ABV version instead of the weaker beer. Then you can head home to your amazingly affordable abode in one of the hip neighborhoods to enjoy bourbon and a Cohiba on your porch on a perfect summer evening with the aforementioned neighbor who just so happens to be so nice that he’ll fix your car for a case of Pabst.

The best part is: I could have done about 10 things this evening other than what I just described and all of them would have been as equally badass.