Sunday, 1 June 2003

Went to the library again. Got Gravity’s Rainbow by Thomas Pynchon; The Complete poems of Carl Sandburg; and a selection of short stories by Philip K. Dick.

As I was checking out, I was checked out by the librarian.

She hit on me last time I was there as well. I was wearing me Heathen T-​shirt, and she said something about liking it, but not having listened to the album. David Bowie’s latest has been out for a year by this point.

She complimented my shirt [plain black polo] this time as well and then complimented my book choices. Its pretty creepy getting hit on by a librarian, especially one that is at least ten years my senior.

There is a cute librarian there, about my age, who is quite helpful, but I’m a bit scared off by the old one with the glint in her eye. There was also a cute girl in church today. I wonder if I’ve just got cute girls on the brain. I expect ’tis so.

Cool Pynchon phrases so far:

wasted gods urging on a tardy glacier

the usual loud-​mouthed American ass-​banditry

Summer Reading

Friday, 23 May 2003

The Summer Reading List currently contains:

  1. High Fidelity — Nick Hornby
  2. Ulysses — James Joyce
  3. The Hawkline Monster — Richard Brautigan
  4. The Wasp Factory — Iain Banks
  5. His Dark Materials Trilogy — Philip Pullman
  6. Gravity’s Rainbow — Thomas Pynchon
  7. The Corrections — Jonathan Franzen
  8. Something by Kafka

I’m always taking suggestions as well, especially poetry.

Tomorrow I get my St. Joe County Library Card.