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Love and Fear

Sometimes when my son hugs me, I feel completely humbled and undeserving of the love he shares with me. My love for him pours out in an unstoppable and unending torrent; it is easy to love him because it is involuntary. My love for him is so consuming that I don’t have the spare neurons […]


A thought I had – one grown to support my own current whatever – regarding incompleteness: Persons are by their nature incomplete, and seeking completeness. In themselves, in their institutions. But at the moment one stops seeking, the moment one believes these goals of completeness are met, they are lost. Liberty, freedom, justice, love and […]


In the beginning, God was monobloc – but love is motion and God grew hermetic upon itself, swelling smaller until wrecked – as red and purpled valves syncopate – an explosion. And now love is any hole-shape, every writhing cavity behind ribs, a empty vector for your lovers, your children. As you curled into the […]

Freak On

today has been interesting. does the fact that i desire a beautiful woman make me shallow? if so, then i guess i am shallow. however, i believe that since our first instinct is physical, it should be accepted, provided that the attraction is not only limited to that. seriously, if you knew a person of […]