Confused Little Ant

Thursday, 22 May 2003

I had lunch with her today. She had been gone to Spain all last semester, and had just gotten back the previous week. She came up to South Bend to get her job at the Center for the Homeless settled, and to run a few other errands. She cut her hair.

I really like the new look, although her long hair was nice as well. Now she has this quite attractive flip to her hair, which heightens her already quite atttractiveness. It was a bit strange to be actually talking to her after so long an absence. I left things unsaid as usual [while talking my lips off].

She spoke of Spain in glowing terms, she wants to go back. It sounds quite the nice place to be. She also spoke of her friend Javi [I hope not boyfriend]. She does not know if she wants to live in America, because after being abroad she understands just how work-​centric the American culture is. I’ve felt the same way myself, but just on hearsay, that Europe sounds like my sort of p[l]ace.

Her father called while we ate at Macri’s Deli, and when he heard I was there with her, told her to tell me a joke: he loves bad jokes.

Q: Why were the little ants confused?

A: Because someone told them that their uncles were aunts.

That one was pretty bad, but for me the humor derives from knowing a person who relishes such bad jokes.

She and I are both quite protective of our inner thoughts, we speak them rarely, so it is most difficult for one such as me to work up the confidence to broach certain subjects with her. I hope I can do it the next chance I get.