End of the Year Banquet


the ban­quet clos­ing out the year for the fenc­ing team was full of good­byes, many seniors and our head coach will not be return­ing to the gym next year. a year from now i will be in the same posi­tion, stand­ing up to give my farewell speech in front of the team that has been the only tru­ly great thing that i have expe­ri­enced while being here. Notre Dame might be full of hypocrisy, but at least in the fenc­ing gym i can feel the pride and cama­raderie that is sup­posed to be felt every­where. i’m going to miss these guys. the awards pre­sent­ed were giv­en to the exact right peo­ple as always, and the gifts giv­en to yves our coach were very nice. in a side note, i had this exquis­ite dessert called ‘spi­moni’ (sp?) and i think the wait­ress was hit­ting on me.


then we went to mccormick’s (the ‘INT’ stand for ‘inte­ri­or,’ moth­er) and drank with the seniors, played some pool, and basi­cal­ly had a last good time togeth­er as a the 2k1-2k2 ND fenc­ing team. we’ve got some damn attrac­tive girls on the team, and some mean pool play­ers as well. watch­ing game after game and rack after rack (not bosoms, per­verts) through the smoky room i am con­stant­ly impressed with how much i suck at pool. i had my stan­dard V&T (vod­ka and ton­ic) and enjoyed the evening.


is it begin­ning again? am i get­ting my hopes up? will she tell me? the new site is done. what do you think? i love. going to McCormick’s with the team. good­bye.