Meagan’s 21st

Wednesday, 24 July 2002

today is my friend Meagan’s 21st birthday. she is not a drinker at all. in fact, i think she can count the times she has had a drink on one hand. but not after tonight. i am skipping my work shift tonight to take her out with some friends and get her wasted as hell. drunk as a skunk. ladies and gentlemen, she will be yarfing before this night is over. the great thing about this is that a 21st birthday effectively gives the friends of the person born license to make that person ill beyond belief in a happy engaging manner. i yarfed on my 21st, it was fun. Phil yarfed in my car on his 21st, it was fun. Meagan will yarf on her 21st and it will be fun. who knew yarfing could be so much fun?