Concerts as of 2002

Friday, 15 February 2002

mom is showing up today for Junior Parents’ Weekend. I hope this is a great experience. We have pornstar seating at table 1 and table 6 for the meals. i’m not getting any work done this weekend, i can already tell you. concerts i have been to: The Beach Boys: I think I was 8. All I remember was that there was a huge column right in front of me that said “I (heart) Summer.” Jimmy Page and Robert Plant: Freshman in High School. I went with some guys from Kmart. Totally awesome concert. They played all the best Zeppelin (but not Stairway dammit) and stuff from their newest album. My seats were in the nosebleed section and I had a contact buzz from all the ganja smoke which made me crave White Castles after the concert. Anything that makes you want to eat White Castles is a very dangerous substance. The Smashing Pumpkins: Saw them for the first time at Purdue with my buddies Brian and Phil. During their Machina tour. It blew me away. I just wish it hadn’t been in an auditorium so I could have jumped around all crazylike. MayDay 2000: The 2nd best twenty dollars I have ever spent. Papa Roach, Three Doors Down, Bloodhound Gang and Godsmack. All day. Papa Roach sucked, 3DD was ok, I saw so many breasts when Bloodhound Gang came on because they were promoting their “Hooray for Boobies” album. Godsmack was CRAZY. It rained just enough to make it interesting and we ripped up the sod from the lawn and were throwing it all over. A sea of moshing. it rocked. Summer Sanitarium Tour: System of a Down. Poweman 5000, Kidrock, Korn and Metallica. Another all day thing. It got kinda old because I only wanted to see PM5K and Metallica. PM5K kicked a whole lotta ass. Metallica was…interesting. Hetfield had fucked up his back and wasn’t there, so Jason did the singing, and the guitarist from System of a Down played with them. Kidrock even busted out the turntables. Once in a lifetime event. I still don’t know whether I liked it or not… Metallica: They gave a free concert since James wasn’t there. THIS WAS TOTAL METAL. I got an extra ticket and took my friend Brian with me. Our seat were in the balcony directly across from the stage. The speakers tried to take off my head it was so loud. I think my ears bled and I ruptured my spleen. I loved it. The Smashing Pumpkins: I saw their 2nd to last concert ever! Total transcendence. Touching, moving, existential bliss. Crappy seats though. The Toadies: The best 20 dollars I have ever spent. I wanted to get to Bogart’s early so we could get in good position. We did. I spent the whole concert holding on to the grate and singing along at the top of my lungs. Afterward, I made us go around back and get their autographs. It was well worth it seeing as they broke up a month later. Xfest 2k1: I don’t remember all of the bands but here is a good list… Linkin Park, Static X, nonpoint, Live, Rammstein, Our Lady Peace, and a bunch of others. Static X was intense as was nonpoint, Live is always good. I was in the mosh pit so long that i was soaked with my sweat and the sweat of others by the time I left. I got kicked in the head four times, protected a hot chick from getting trampled, and helped some strippers over the fence because they probably wanted to go get it on with the bands backstage. Live brought me back from the dead. I was exhausted by the end, but that was well worth it.