Monday, 7 October 2002

i’ve never been what someone might call a troublemaker. mischievious yes, but i’m not a bad boy. in my grade school days, the very first time i got in trouble it was for curiosity not evil. i don’t even remember what i did, but i told my mother that i ‘just wanted to see what [being bad] was like.’ this still holds true today for me somewhat, i’m still mischievious, which at the age of 21 is now looked down upon, but i don’t care. i’m over the whole doing bad stuff because i wonder what it is like stage and i have moved to the i do ‘bad’ things because ‘i want to’ stage. and i always accept the consequences. granted, the ‘bad’ things i do aren’t awful like stealing or eating puppies or forcing people to listen to Linkin Park. Instead, i play 100% harmless pranks that for some reason always alarm the authority figures more than say, alcohol poisoned freshmen. How tossing a 5 day old blackened banana from a 4th story window in the general direction of someone you know (but never hitting them) is dangerous and foolish, i cannot understand. Nor can I understand how a rogue, vulgar section newsletter can undermine section unity (in fact it promotes it). Perhaps the definition of wrong is too broad. what i do isn’t wrong, its tasteless. but being tasteless has never been a crime has it?