Thursday, 25 April 2002

Eric the Half a Bee

ok so last night at 11, after being gone from my room since 9 in the morning, i come back home to find the door locked. great, roommate hooking up again…well that hasn’t stopped me before and i want in my damn room. i unlock the door and enter into the surreal “hookup atmosphere” of my room. no lights are on, some sort of softcore porn/techno music is playing and i can hear the scrumpling of sheets and muffled giggles from his loft. then the surprise. the guy from across the hall is there too. on the couch hooking up with my (stay with me here) roommate’s girlfriend’s best friend from New Hampshire. did i mention surreal? so i drop off my backpack and leave before the world implodes, but not before the guy on the couch asks in the “i just got caught masturbating” tone of voice about the meeting we were both at several hours earlier. exit stage left.

i debrief those in the lounge on the happenstances, and they all agree that it is weird. then a couple of them decide to play a prank. i give my blessing. they unscrew the peephole on the door, tie the door shut so no one can get out, fill a condom with water and squirt it through the peephole into my room. my roommate gets pissed obviously. supposedly one of his books got wet and he has a test the next day. shouldn’t he be studying instead of hooking up in a vaguely orgiastic manner? no one says anything. he makes a comment in reference to me as a 12 year old. still no one speaks. he leaves supposedly to go comfort his woman who is traumatized by the water on the floor.

singing “eric the half a bee” with steve on the way to get quarterdogs.


Sunday, 17 March 2002

Molly is a Dork

judging a body on its attractiveness is fine (see entry for 3.6.02) here is a more succinct explanation. the body can be objectified because it is simply an object. the danger lies in treating the personality by the same manner. so looking and admiring a person for their body is fine. using that measure alone to judge them however is fallacy. the desire for the body/object is a purely instinctual process. a person must be loved for their soul.

molly is a dork.

i’ve got so much work done. i still need to do more though. i have a research paper on Monty Python (totally sweet) but i’ve also got some other stuff to do before i go root on the Irish Fencers at the NCAAs. i’ve got a partner project due for one of my film classes and i need to get started on my dialogue film. too bad we don’t have a lot of time. there never is enough time for what is expected of us. too much is busy work and not enough truly challenges. most of the challenge does not lie in application but whether or not you can get the amount done in time. its quantity not quality and it blows.

LATE NIGHT UPDATE2: talking till 3:30 is fun but waking up at 7 isn’t.

Thursday, 14 March 2002

Pinched Nerve

i must have a pinched nerve or something in my neck cuz i can barely move it. i got my mop chopped today, 6 weeks after shaving my head, it just needed smoothed out. i requested another gig and a half of drive space so i can fit more quicktimes on my site. started doing my research and broke my lenten promise of no playstation. i don’t have anything else to do though except work the whole time, but hell this is spring break i should be having fun right? also started researching my paper on Monty Python. i love the fact that i am in a major that not only lets me make my own flix but also encourages me to research a movie or movies that have influenced me. i am majoring in electives and my life will be a fieldtrip. i have no prob with that. i’m gonna try to write a pome (or po-em if you must…) or two now. wish me luck.