Made for TV Movie

Monday, 15 July 2002

I had a nice week­end. Friday, I made a new friend and stayed up all night watch­ing movies with her. We watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Trainspotting, and If These Walls Could Talk. This last movie she had rented be­cause it had Cher in it. It was an aw­ful movie; it had an all­star cast, Demi Moore, Anne Heche, Sissy Spacek, Cher, Craig T. Nelson and Matthew Lillard (Cereal Killer from Hackers and most re­cently Shaggy from Scooby-Doo). Nothing re­deem­ing about it, it watched like a MFTVM and fed off of the con­tro­versy cen­ter­ing on abor­tion for the past 50 years. bleah. Cher (play­ing an abor­tion doc­tor) got shot by Matthew Lillard. She’s come a long way since Wild on the Beach. You’ve gotta love the old­style teen­pic. bleah. It was a sur­pris­ingly gory film. Anyway, we were up till 5 in the morn­ing watch­ing said films and then, as the sun rose, I headed home for some som­no­lence. Twas good times.

a note on the new links: New (or at least of­fi­cially on the list): de­fec­tive yeti, ex­plod­ing­dog, gri­nand­fer­ret, high­in­dus­trial, lit­tleyel­lowd­if­fer­ent. Probationary: ani, so­lil­o­quy. Removed:most uni­ver­sity sites of my friends, not as a sub­tle way to say you aren’t my friends any­more but just be­cause link­ing to you doesn’t re­ally go with the site con­tent. (i’m an ass­hole, thats a huge copout). You’ll prob­a­bly get put back on even­tu­ally, i just don’t know where yet.

Goal for the day: Figure out how to make links open them­selves in a new win­dow once they have been clicked on. That means I should start hunt­ing through the source code of ran­dom web­sites now. Wunderbar!

Check out Self.

up­date: If These Walls Could Talk ISMFTVM. yep i sure can call ‘em. I also got the popup thing work­ing thanks to this place. Verbal Impotence has been re­designed.

Eric the Half a Bee

Thursday, 25 April 2002

ok so last night at 11, af­ter be­ing gone from my room since 9 in the morn­ing, i come back home to find the door locked. great, room­mate hook­ing up again…well that hasn’t stopped me be­fore and i want in my damn room. i un­lock the door and en­ter into the sur­real “hookup at­mos­phere” of my room. no lights are on, some sort of soft­core porn/​techno mu­sic is play­ing and i can hear the scrum­pling of sheets and muf­fled gig­gles from his loft. then the sur­prise. the guy from across the hall is there too. on the couch hook­ing up with my (stay with me here) roommate’s girlfriend’s best friend from New Hampshire. did i men­tion sur­real? so i drop off my back­pack and leave be­fore the world im­plodes, but not be­fore the guy on the couch asks in the “i just got caught mas­tur­bat­ing” tone of voice about the meet­ing we were both at sev­eral hours ear­lier. exit stage left.

i de­brief those in the lounge on the hap­pen­stances, and they all agree that it is weird. then a cou­ple of them de­cide to play a prank. i give my bless­ing. they un­screw the peep­hole on the door, tie the door shut so no one can get out, fill a con­dom with wa­ter and squirt it through the peep­hole into my room. my room­mate gets pissed ob­vi­ously. sup­pos­edly one of his books got wet and he has a test the next day. shouldn’t he be study­ing in­stead of hook­ing up in a vaguely or­gias­tic man­ner? no one says any­thing. he makes a com­ment in ref­er­ence to me as a 12 year old. still no one speaks. he leaves sup­pos­edly to go com­fort his woman who is trau­ma­tized by the wa­ter on the floor.

singing “eric the half a bee” with steve on the way to get quar­ter­dogs.


Molly is a Dork

Sunday, 17 March 2002

judg­ing a body on its at­trac­tive­ness is fine (see en­try for 3.6.02) here is a more suc­cinct ex­pla­na­tion. the body can be ob­jec­ti­fied be­cause it is sim­ply an ob­ject. the dan­ger lies in treat­ing the per­son­al­ity by the same man­ner. so look­ing and ad­mir­ing a per­son for their body is fine. us­ing that mea­sure alone to judge them how­ever is fal­lacy. the de­sire for the body/​object is a purely in­stinc­tual process. a per­son must be loved for their soul.

molly is a dork.

i’ve got so much work done. i still need to do more though. i have a re­search pa­per on Monty Python (to­tally sweet) but i’ve also got some other stuff to do be­fore i go root on the Irish Fencers at the NCAAs. i’ve got a part­ner project due for one of my film classes and i need to get started on my di­a­logue film. too bad we don’t have a lot of time. there never is enough time for what is ex­pected of us. too much is busy work and not enough truly chal­lenges. most of the chal­lenge does not lie in ap­pli­ca­tion but whether or not you can get the amount done in time. its quan­tity not qual­ity and it blows.

LATE NIGHT UPDATE2: talk­ing till 3:30 is fun but wak­ing up at 7 isn’t.

Pinched Nerve

Thursday, 14 March 2002

i must have a pinched nerve or some­thing in my neck cuz i can barely move it. i got my mop chopped to­day, 6 weeks af­ter shav­ing my head, it just needed smoothed out. i re­quested an­other gig and a half of drive space so i can fit more quick­times on my site. started do­ing my re­search and broke my lenten promise of no playsta­tion. i don’t have any­thing else to do though ex­cept work the whole time, but hell this is spring break i should be hav­ing fun right? also started re­search­ing my pa­per on Monty Python. i love the fact that i am in a ma­jor that not only lets me make my own flix but also en­cour­ages me to re­search a movie or movies that have in­flu­enced me. i am ma­jor­ing in elec­tives and my life will be a field­trip. i have no prob with that. i’m gonna try to write a pome (or po-em if you must…) or two now. wish me luck.