From the Ashes

Tuesday, 13 May 2003

Here I am, back again and fancier than ever. I’ve finally inched toward a higher echelon of blogging authenticity by hopping on the MT bandwagon. Now that I have redesigned and have nifty auto-​archiving et al. there is really only one thing about this site that bothers me. You might be able to help…

I cannot get my parent DIV table in which all else is nested to auto expand when the nested DIVs within it do so. My only recourse was to make the parent DIV inordinately long. If you have an idea for what I should do to make the parent grow in proportion to its children please, by all means, help this poor sod out.

All the links should work, but I still must put forth what little powers of design that are at my disposal in order to make those pages jive with the new ones. please bear with me, and if you see anything that needs fixed, holler.

Farmer’s Weather Complex™

Saturday, 27 July 2002

i’ve almost got the CSS version of my page finished. i was almost giving myself and aneurysm trying to figure it out for the past few days but it all clicked yesterday especially after a little help from this place. now all i need to do is get moveabletype installed correctly on my webspace and learn to use it then i’ll be streamlined and ready to roll.

we’ve needed rain badly for several weeks and we finally got it. although i am not a farmer, living in a farming community has made me aware of the weather and in doing so i have developed the Farmer’s Weather Complex™. there is always either too much rain or not enough rain. this summer has been a dry one but hopefully this rain will do the crops some good. it is also fair time around here which means next week i am going to get an elephant ear and (if my braces are off) a candied apple. mmmm gotta love the fair.


Wednesday, 29 May 2002


more goofing around on my blog. i might download this program called moveable type. it is free and supposedly will make my page a little more organized. i also did a little research into my spirit guide, but there is very little on the net about jakalopes. although i did find a coupla pictures.

man, humans are strange.

what is your favorite mythical beast?