Thursday, 2 May 2002


yeah so i’m typing this paper on the rhetorics of self-making. i’m talking about agency, use-value of autonomy versus relationality, and the intrinsic unnatural, variant and dynamic nature of selfhood. i even understand most of what i am talking about. the postmodern is alive in my paper. reflexivity abounds, but the Law of Unintended Consequences also strikes with force when i start thinking about shit like this. why am i even writing this paper? i am merely making myself write to what the prof wants to hear discussed, morphing myself into a a situation where i am self-active but (pretending) to not be self-aware of my actions. so my paper in effect is a lie. my final testament in the Development of Anthropological Theory 430 class is nothing more than a simulacrum of vomited diplomacy designed to sate the self-esteem of my professor, so he feels he taught us well. it seems his selfness is also created by the expectations and actions of social behaviors. i think i am betraying myself by even writing this paper (even more so by trying to do a good job). what constructs MYself?