Friday, 2 August 2002

you probably already know it, but i’m a skinny bastard. the energy my metabolism burns in one day could most likely power a small country for a week. i’m not kidding. lately i’ve been kinda sluggish, and a couple of days ago i figured out why. since i have been cooking for myself this summer, i have been eating healthier, but also i have been eating less. a whole can of Cambell’s condensed soup contains only around 240 calories. that is usually my dinner and lunch consists of a sammich of some sort, so add in a couple hundred more calories. so in a day i have been getting all my nutrients thanks to Centrum? but only around 6 – 700 calories. and I need thousands of calories a day to keep up to speed. that is why i eat carbs and fat constantly. the body just can’t run without about 3k calories a day. i love pasta and rice and bread and cheese and eggs and milk and butter and chicken and sausage and beef and hot dogs and corn dogs and chili dogs and toast and and and…vegetables are all well and good, i eat em, but i think the reason prefer carbs and protein over said flora is due to the low caloric content of ruffage.

last night, to combat my recent unintentional fasting i went to Nick’s Patio and had pancakes and eggs and sausage and an english muffin and half a basket of crackers. I was finished in about 3 minutes and Meagan was only halfway through her french toast. It was all i could do to not steal her hashbrowns. tonight i will venture to the best burger pub i have ever experienced. CJ’s. Perhaps i might even attempt to consume the ‘Golden Domer’ a 20oz de-​luxe cheeseburger.