Monday, 29 April 2002

4.29.02 INT. KEOUGH HALL, SHOWER STALL 3. approx. 9:23am DAY

my topic is emotion, feeling, whatever term you use to generalize and categorize it. it is inviolable and can only be judged by the person experiencing it. ergo, no emotion is wrong in the sense that a person is wrong in feeling it. difficulty lies when an ideology creates a forum in which the expression of emotion can cause harm. emotion is not opinion. for example, the fact that i cannot stand my roommate is not WRONG (emotion), although my reasons for feeling so might be (opinion). another possible difficulty lies in the proper identification of the emotion by the emoter. doubly difficult since emotion necessarily clouds reason. “love is not love/​which alters when it alteration finds,” yet what other word is there that describes the emotion (mental experience) of being attracted to someone? sweet emotion. bah! might i be so forward as to request your opinion on this matter?

today i am wobbly.