Organic Mechanic

today’s choice was a no brain­er. the band coin­ci­den­tal­ly has the same name as my site, Organ­ic Mechan­ic. you can sam­ple 4 of their mp3s on their site. but if you just want to grab some­thing now I rec­om­mend Life is Every­where. jazzy, pop­py and catchy describe it pret­ty well. its obvi­ous these guys know a bit about musi­cal styles. it is also nice to lis­ten to a band that doesn’t insist upon a dom­i­nant instru­ment but instead lets ‘em all work togeth­er like a band should. They are from the Pacif­ic North­west, it seems like them states out there like to spit out inter­est­ing music like a sow drop­pin’ piglets. most peo­ple i know of from ore­gon are tree­hug­gers