First Impressions of Last Classes II

Thursday, 16 January 2003

O’Shaughnessy Hall, the crum­bling hub of Arts & Letters at Notre Dame, is al­ways plas­tered with posters, fly­ers, and an­nounce­ments of up­com­ing events. A con­stant pres­ence are the fly­ers that the Foreign Language Departments post in an ef­fort to get more stu­dents to take those class­es.

Most of them run along these lines: Benjamin Franklin Spoke Italian, Shouldn’t You? with a pic­ture of old syphilitic Benny to high­light the point. That or, Reason #348 to Learn French: It’s spo­ken in Fiji.

Someone I very much would like to meet has fi­nal­ly re­tal­i­at­ed to these ba­nal at­tempts to en­cul­tur­ate us. For one glo­ri­ous day be­fore they were torn down O’Shaughnessy was cov­ered with sim­i­lar posters that this time said: George W. Bush Speaks American. Shouldn’t You?

The Rest of My Classes:

Poetry: I sat in the room and watched girl af­ter girl af­ter girl come in. Finally some dudes showed up as well, 4 guys, 16 girls, 2 po­ems a week. not bad at all.

Otherworldly Lit: Full of the scari­est type of dork, ones who are ra­bid­ly ea­ger to dis­play their amount of knowl­edge re­gard­ing Lord of the Rings. They are pe­ons to the vast wealth of my triv­ia though.