Lazy Day at Home

Sunday, 29 December 2002

to­day was an­oth­er lazy day at home. i’ve start­ed tak­ing af­ter­noon naps. and i’m slow­ly run­ning out of things to read, which means i’ll most like­ly play more playsta­tion and go rent movies i should have seen in the the­ater. i’ve as­sem­bled all of my po­et­ry books for trans­port and in­spi­ra­tion for my po­et­ry class next semester.i thought i had more books of po­et­ry but it i’ve on­ly 7 here and 2 at school. i think i’m go­ing to brush up on ex­is­ten­tial­ist writ­ings dur­ing break.

i went to the First Run over in Oxford, Ohio the oth­er night with a bunch of bud­dies from high­school. i’ll be video­tap­ing Bo’s wed­ding this sum­mer. the First Run does not have a dart board. i’ve nev­er heard of a bar w/​o such. some­what dis­ap­point­ing.