Kazaa Ta-​Da!

Friday, 25 July 2003

If you use Kazaa as your P2P of choice and try to download an mp3 or two you probably often run across fake copies of songs, the ones that fade away to hiss after a few moments. Usually this doesn’t happen to me, but often enough, an album or a single I would like to listen to has been nigh impossible to obtain. Getting ahold of Powerman 5000s latest record and Dave Gahan’s new release have been the two toughest experiences I have had getting an mp3 or two.

I figured out how to get around this, sorta. Although the bogus usernames abound, you can tell if the server they are on is owned but a Money Hungry RIAA Sycophant™ if the bandwidth is ridiculously high. I just sorted the results by bandwidth, and DLed the songs that were lower than 636. Eureka! It worked. Now I will be able to decide if I want to buy Paper Monsters after all.