Renovation Update

Sunday, 21 October 2007

DSC02356 This week­end I dropped a few grand on hard­wood floor­ing. Yikes. I looked in­to buy­ing the sus­tain­able bam­boo stuff, but it was twice as ex­pen­sive as en­gi­neered hard­wood. I have been paint­ing with Sherwin-Williams’ Harmony paint though. It has no VOC and is an­ti-mi­cro­bial in ad­di­tion. I’m halfway done paint­ing an­oth­er room as well. I need to get all this wrapped up be­fore hav­ing the floor­ing in­stalled. The wood ap­par­ent­ly needs a few weeks to set­tle in to the house any­way.

I al­so in­stalled a new dim­mer to­day. Got lucky with the cir­cuit break­er and the first guess was the cor­rect one. The house sure is wired strange­ly. There are a cou­ple of places where one light switch has to be on for an­oth­er one to work, def­i­nite­ly old school, and def­i­nite­ly in need of re­pair. I was heart­ened to see a ground wire present in the dim­mer sock­et though, so per­haps re­plac­ing the elec­tri­cal sock­ets through­out the house to have grounds won’t be too bad. It will be nice to have part of a home to just re­lax around in for a change. I’ve got­ten used to liv­ing in a con­struc­tion zone.