Renovation Update

Sunday, 21 October 2007

DSC02356This weekend I dropped a few grand on hardwood flooring. Yikes. I looked into buying the sustainable bamboo stuff, but it was twice as expensive as engineered hardwood. I have been painting with Sherwin-​Williams’ Harmony paint though. It has no VOC and is anti-​microbial in addition. I’m halfway done painting another room as well. I need to get all this wrapped up before having the flooring installed. The wood apparently needs a few weeks to settle in to the house anyway.

I also installed a new dimmer today. Got lucky with the circuit breaker and the first guess was the correct one. The house sure is wired strangely. There are a couple of places where one light switch has to be on for another one to work, definitely old school, and definitely in need of repair. I was heartened to see a ground wire present in the dimmer socket though, so perhaps replacing the electrical sockets throughout the house to have grounds won’t be too bad. It will be nice to have part of a home to just relax around in for a change. I’ve gotten used to living in a construction zone.