Friday, 26 July 2002

CSS is cool!

i love it but i hate it.

just got back from the mall. wtf is up with the cheapo picture taking things?? they suck now. they aren’t cheap and they only spit out one photo. remember how they used to spit out a strip of 4 different shots so you could have a little fun and make faces at it? no longer. 4 bucks for 1 shot, you fuck up, your through. what a bitch. of course, i fucked it up, didn’t take off my glasses and got a lensflare. i barely decided on spending 4 buck on what i thought were going to be 4 photos but to find out its 4 bucks for one fucking picture. man. remember when little caesar’s had that 4bucks 4bucks pizza deal? now that was good shit. 4 dollars for a pizza. hell yeah. but now i have to pay 4 bucks to get one shitty picture from the stupid booth in the mall.