Pinched Nerve

Thursday, 14 March 2002

i must have a pinched nerve or some­thing in my neck cuz i can bare­ly move it. i got my mop chopped to­day, 6 weeks af­ter shav­ing my head, it just need­ed smoothed out. i re­quest­ed an­oth­er gig and a half of dri­ve space so i can fit more quick­times on my site. start­ed do­ing my re­search and broke my lenten promise of no playsta­tion. i don’t have any­thing else to do though ex­cept work the whole time, but hell this is spring break i should be hav­ing fun right? al­so start­ed re­search­ing my pa­per on Monty Python. i love the fact that i am in a ma­jor that not on­ly lets me make my own flix but al­so en­cour­ages me to re­search a movie or movies that have in­flu­enced me. i am ma­jor­ing in elec­tives and my life will be a field­trip. i have no prob with that. i’m gonna try to write a pome (or po-em if you must…) or two now. wish me luck.