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When the Cavs Won It All

What will I remember about today, in this city that takes every punch, unflinching, on our chins; that rises up from every blow, standing tall, cut-mouthed against the world? I’ll remember that this day is like every other day this city working doubles while you slept on it this city skipping vacation to get the […]

When the Cavs Won/Lost It All

About a week ago I was contacted by Bill at Fox8 who had remembered my previous Fox8 appearance about my Poetry 4 Free project. His idea was to make a piece about how Clevelanders were reacting to the Cavs being in the finals & he wanted me to come up with something that would help […]


This morning, my dog and I caught God trying to sneak through the city like a man skipping Mass in search of a drink. He still filled the sky and his steps were like the echoes of an empty hallway. My dog just wagged her tail but I shouted at him: I SEE YOU, OLD […]

Public Square

Walk to Public Square, while you live, and sing the victims roughly shoved between lath and beam – the dead women – sealed in walls, scratching under the floor of Imperial Avenue. The Seymour attic decade, three women in chains a half mile from my home the raped child’s rape child on the same playground […]

New Psalm 9

The black hands of the Lord pressed to the ground The black ear upon the earth The black lips The black belly The black body uncomposed The Lord covered in crows pig-truffled The Lord honey for flies a locusts’ feast The Lord a black harbor a tomb opened in smoke And canisters of bone and […]


Where there were words, once. each right syllable grown into a song heap, now just a lighter square on concrete where, flood-soaked, the jeweled ink ran that day an amputated decade the mind assumes all is still there where you left it no vacancy, no absence, just muscle memory from an implacable cortex do not […]

A Wetting

we are hidden inside while it thunders when you call for me, in the three o’clock dark of my room, I roll off and curl fetal on the far side of the bed to test your temper. You come in, the dog’s eyes are sharper but the sound of your voice fills the room. You […]

For the Open Mic

I went to an open mic tonight. That might seem hypocritical based on my standard position regarding them, but this one was specifically for folks under 30. It was great. There wasn’t one person there whose name anyone who pays attention to Cleveland poetry would recognize. The poetry ran the gamut in terms of style […]

Haunted House

They say the house has eyes, which isn’t a surprise, as any eight year old could tell you. They say a baseball hit too hard, always ends up in that yard, and I’ve surely lost a few. I once dared my friend Billy, who thought I was silly and didn’t have a clue, to go […]


I recorded what it looks like when I write a poem and the (significantly sped-up result) is below. and the text of the poem: DR INK a guide to kulchur – 2 June 2013 it sticks like sm oke to the roof of mou th as a hund red slim faces a sk the ques […]