State Capture

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

I keep read­ing ar­ti­cles & news posts about how the Trump Administration is do­ing a bad job of com­mu­ni­cat­ing its poli­cies & gov­er­nance. This pre­sup­pos­es two things:

  1. That the Trump Administration has ob­jec­tive­ly and holis­ti­cal­ly com­pre­hen­si­ble poli­cies and gov­er­nance strate­gies
  2. That they have the de­sire to com­mu­ni­cate them clear­ly to the pub­lic via the me­dia

I think the press is still do­ing a bad job at un­der­stand­ing what’s go­ing on here. The eas­i­est way to #DrainTheSwamp is through ne­glect. Shut down what­ev­er you can, fill key po­si­tions with ad­min­is­tra­tors who will fur­ther ham­string the bu­reau­cra­cy, and leave the rest to dry rot.

This is the kind of state/​reg­u­la­to­ry cap­ture you learn about in an in­tro­duc­to­ry pub­lic ad­min­is­tra­tion course.

7 Years of Political Silence

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

I stopped writ­ing about & voic­ing my po­lit­i­cal opin­ions back in 2008 or 2009 af­ter J. Kevin Kelley & Kevin Payne got bust­ed by the FBI for their cor­rup­tion. At the time I tweet­ed some­thing along the lines of “I can’t be­lieve I worked on a project with these scum­bags.” That project be­ing a re­design of the County Engineer’s web­site that had lan­guished for over a year, com­plete, but with­out sign-off to go live. The next day I got called in­to the Director’s of­fice with my boss and syn­tax was struc­tured that tan­gen­tial­ly im­plied that fur­ther pub­lic com­men­tary from me on any­thing job-re­lat­ed would af­fect my em­ploy­ment. That Director, Dan Weaver, lat­er got sen­tenced to 3 years in prison as part of the same gi­ant pile of cor­rup­tion that in­fect­ed the man­age­ment of the en­tire County. I think the FBI stopped fish­ing soon af­ter be­cause every­thing left was small fry.

They scared me. I had a brand new in­fant, a mort­gage, there were no job prospects in Cleveland, so I delet­ed the afore­men­tioned tweet and kept my head down for an­oth­er 5 years. The FBI burst in to my of­fice be­cause these crim­i­nals spat up­on the same civ­il re­spon­si­bil­i­ty that I was hon­ored to con­tribute to. Everyone at the County was im­pli­cat­ed. I know how louche it is to voice per­son­al opin­ions re­gard­ing one’s pro­fes­sion­al po­si­tion, but some shit needs to be un­equiv­o­cal­ly re­pu­di­at­ed. The fol­low­ing tweet is, as far as I can tell, the on­ly one left stand­ing from that time:

I’ve spent 7 years with my lips zipped — which is not an easy thing for me to do. I’ve tried to be as non-par­ti­san as pos­si­ble in my deal­ings with every­one. Going along to get along. I’ve avoid­ed en­gag­ing in any­thing that might be politi­cized, but what isn’t these days? Ain’t no­body play­ing for low stakes.

I can con­tin­ue to kib­itz, or I can throw my two cents on the pile & see if any­thing shifts.

Mainly, though, I’m tired of keep­ing my mouth shut.

Caveat Emptor

Monday, 24 May 2010

There are end­less things we can and have learned from na­ture that have dai­ly, prac­ti­cal ap­pli­ca­tion in our lives. Velcro was in­vent­ed by a guy who took a close look at the burrs that stuck to his dog’s fur. It wasn’t giv­en to us by Vulcans. I’m sure my mom has a spe­cial place in her heart for those things, since there were in­nu­mer­able times that my socks went through the wash com­plete­ly cov­ered in them. Velcro is use­ful, and it is kind of dif­fi­cult to fig­ure out how it could be mis­used.

Marketing, on the oth­er hand, is some­thing that na­ture has in­grained in­to us, and learn­ing to use it as a tool for just about any job means it gets mis­used all the time. The most bla­tant form of nature’s mar­ket­ing is used for sex­u­al se­lec­tion. Think pea­cocks, or Irish Elk. Pretty harm­less, specif­i­cal­ly tar­get­ed mar­ket­ing. That eas­i­ly ex­plains the mar­ket­ing phrase “sex sells.” Properly mar­ket­ed, you can sell any­thing. With prod­ucts, this has been age old; there were huck­sters sell­ing snake-oil and hoof grease to dirt-farm­ers in Ur. I’m sure the mar­ket­ing of ideas dates to an­tiq­ui­ty as well, but the pro­lif­er­a­tion of com­mu­ni­ca­tion in the in­for­ma­tion age com­pounds this in­to a se­ri­ous prob­lem.

With prop­er mar­ket­ing, you can sell any idea. There’s a suck­er born every minute. What sucks about the suck­ers is that they’re more like­ly to be­lieve the hype than due the dili­gence. So you can sell cre­ation­ism, fas­cism, racism, and that Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslin and folks will take the good mar­ket­ing as gospel.  It’s Colbert’s truthi­ness. Facts are hard things, and think­ing re­quires thought. Since we’re hard-wired by na­ture to buy good mar­ket­ing, it’s eas­i­er to buy in­tel­lec­tu­al snake oil (es­pe­cial­ly when it goes with our pre­con­cep­tions) than put forth the ef­fort to test facts for scratch, in­den­ta­tion and re­bound hard­ness.

Caveat emp­tor, and if you don’t, God help the rest of us.

Iraqi Stereotype

Monday, 7 April 2003

i’ve found some­thing dis­turb­ing. when­ev­er i catch a bit of news re­gard­ing the war, which is not much be­cause as long as peo­ple are dy­ing i don’t care for it, but when­ev­er i catch a bit of news con­tain­ing a pic­ture of a mous­ta­chioed Iraqi, they all look like Saddam Hussein. It is quite hard to tell one mous­ta­chioed Iraqi from an­oth­er, and i’m pret­ty sure this is pur­pose­ful. every­one knows about Saddam’s dop­pel­gangers. every­one knows that Saddam is crazy. every­one knows Saddam has a mous­tache. but if it ap­pears that every Iraqi has a mous­tache and looks like Saddam — does it not fol­low that all Iraqis are crazy? This is how racial pro­fil­ing pro­lif­er­ates. Even if it is un­in­ten­tion­al, the abun­dance of mous­ta­chioed evil Iraqis will cre­ate a stereo­type that all Iraqis are evil and mous­ta­chioed.

Politricks and Fencing Championships

Tuesday, 18 March 2003

at 6 this evening i’m dri­ving out to Colorado Springs, CO and the USAFA for the NCAA fenc­ing cham­pi­onships. It is about a 19 hour dri­ve and at the end of it i still might not be able to watch my team com­pete for the cham­pi­onship. i had to sub­mit my so­cial se­cu­ri­ty num­ber, driver’s li­cense num­ber, etc. in or­der to get se­cu­ri­ty clear­ance to get on the base. at all times i must have two forms of pic­ture ID. but once the war starts not even that will get me on the base. i’m still go­ing out dammit.

what a stu­pid ul­ti­ma­tum from Dubya. yeah like that is EVER go­ing to hap­pen. might as well re­quire the im­pos­si­ble so we can start bomb­ing on sched­ule. any­thing for the war. even if the ul­ty did work i’d still be creeped out be­cause the US would be able to co­erce a coun­try in­to es­sen­tial­ly giv­ing up its sov­er­eign­ty. jee­bus.

what the in­ter­net needs is a bes­tiary of myth­i­cal beasts. and a good one at that. the on­ly ones i’ve found have been crap. maybe i could start my own if i had some time. mea­gan will you draw the crit­ters and creepy crawlies?

Trogdor the Arcade Game!

I’ll be back some­time next mon­day un­less NORAD and the USAFA get nuked by Iraqis.


Tuesday, 8 October 2002

i sup­pose i’m un-American. i don’t want war with Iraq. I see no mo­ti­va­tion for it apart from a fa­mil­ial grudge held by the man cur­rent­ly rec­og­nized as our the American pres­i­dent. i think the days of ram­pant die-hard na­tion­al­ism are past. i be­lieve it is time to fo­cus and con­cen­trate on a more glob­al scale. i’m not talk­ing about cor­po­rate glob­al­iza­tion which in my opin­ion is noth­ing more than American im­pe­ri­al­ism un­der a dif­fer­ent guise. i’m talk­ing about glob­al hu­man­i­tar­i­an­ism which of course is way too ide­al­is­tic at this point. I do think, how­ev­er, that it is high time we Americans at least start mov­ing in that di­rec­tion. Lord knows, much of the rest of the world is at­tempt­ing to. i read some­where that our the American gov­ern­ment has a $400 bil­lion bud­get for mil­i­tary spend­ing. i’m pret­ty sure that is more than would be re­quired to pro­tect our America’s own bor­ders. Instead, it is fo­cused on pro­tect­ing American ‘in­ter­ests,’ a con­ve­nient term which can be mold­ed to jus­ti­fy our American in­volve­ment any­where. America could be a re­spect­ed part of the world com­mu­ni­ty in­stead of feared be­cause of its pow­er if we it could just stop be­ing trig­ger-hap­py and re­al­ize that help­ing out oth­ers will help us America out in the long run.

Bad Karma and America Bashing

Friday, 5 July 2002

it would have been bad kar­ma to bash the amer­i­can me­dia about pa­tri­o­tism yes­ter­day so i held off un­til to­day. on my shift wednes­day night i was glanc­ing through a Time and Newsweek and mar­veled at the amount of pro­pa­gan­da that was present in the pub­li­ca­tions. This is eeri­ly like the de­vel­op­ment of the fas­cist sys­tem in Orwell’s 1984. every ar­ti­cle and many of the ad­ver­tise­ments pro­mot­ed a sort of blind un­ques­tion­ing al­le­giance to­ward new pol­i­cy and oth­er gov­ern­ment ac­tion. Patriotism it ap­pears, has reached the point where ei­ther you must sup­port every as­pect of gov­ern­ment or be in league with ter­ror­ists. i imag­ine the mc­carthy era was like this ex­cept in­stead of be­ing a pinko com­mie, you are help­ing out Islamic fa­nat­ics. the last time i checked, there wasn’t a law against this but now it ap­pears that the Patriot Bill and of­fice of Homeland Security have changed our civ­il lib­er­ties in some very fun­da­men­tal ways. That is scary enough, but when our source of ‘free’ speech ef­fec­tive­ly con­demns all naysay­ing I feel a lit­tle claus­tro­pho­bic. Why for in­stance do we need an­oth­er gov­ern­ment over­sight ad­min­is­tra­tion for the cit­i­zens, if the FBI and CIA aren’t work­ing well, then make them bet­ter, don’t cre­ate a new sys­tem. its like tak­ing a car to the junk­yard be­cause it has a flat tire and then ask­ing the GM to build you a new one from scratch. as far as i can tell, the US is los­ing the war on ter­ror­ism, be­cause the US isn’t quite the land of the free that it used to be.

as for the whole pledge of al­le­giance mum­bo­jum­bo, will the sep­a­ra­tion be­tween church and state reach the point where ‘God Bless America” is banned and re­li­gious lob­by­ists are pre­vent­ed from ex­press­ing their de­sires for new leg­is­la­tions? will re­li­gion end up be­ing banned al­to­geth­er since the USA as an en­ti­ty al­lows church­es on her soil. i can see it com­ing. dubya’s gov­ern­ment is a scary scary thing.

i’d bet­ter hop on my plane to Pakistan now since it is ob­vi­ous from the pre­vi­ous para­graphs that i am a cause of the prob­lem and not just an American ex­er­cis­ing my right to free speech. omy­god they are here al­ready, bang­ing on the door! i haven’t even post­ed yet.! big broth­er is every­where!