Bo and Kerri

Friday, 20 June 2003

I’m gone for yet an­oth­er week­end. My sort of high school friend Bo [who be­came a bet­ter friend post-HS] is get­ting mar­ried on the sol­stice to Kerri, whom he met in col­lege.

*bloop* Phil, my high school bud­dy, is best man, and broth­er to Bo.
*bloop* I’m do­ing the video work and edit­ing gratis as a wed­ding gift to Kerri and Bo.
*bloop* Phil, Kerri, and Bo used to have a band called the Prozak Kittens.
*bloop* Phil and Bo’s par­ents have a cat that was on the drug.

Would it not make more sense to get mar­ried on the win­ter sol­stice? it is, af­ter all, the longest night of the year.

this has been pop-up or­gan­ic me­chan­ic.