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Beginner’s Mind

The inexperienced teacher, fearing his own ignorance, is afraid to admit it. Perhaps that courage only comes when one knows to what extent ignorance is almost universal. Attempts to camouflage it are simply a waste, in the long run, of time. If the teacher is slow of wit, he may well be terrified by students […]

Summer Reading

The Summer Reading List currently contains: High Fidelity – Nick Hornby Ulysses – James Joyce The Hawkline Monster – Richard Brautigan The Wasp Factory – Iain Banks His Dark Materials Trilogy – Philip Pullman Gravity’s Rainbow – Thomas Pynchon The Corrections – Jonathan Franzen Something by Kafka I’m always taking suggestions as well, especially poetry. […]


Bulletmania! I’ve played The Two Towers video game. B+ (the levels are too short). This post by Mr. Oblivio is great. My Uncle Corbin is here for the ND v. Seton Hall game and will be feeding me shortly. She called my house last night but I was already up here. I suck. This semester […]

Just Say No to Porno

5.5.02 INT. KEOUGH HALL RM. 435. 10:19am DAY a few more days and i will never have to put up with my roommate and his apelike behavior ever again! just say no to porno. in other news happy cinco de mayo! i have completed (pretty much) 3/5 of my finals and am studying for the […]