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About Giving Up

Giving up is something I’ve been trying to learn the last couple of years. It doesn’t come naturally to me (or any American, probably), but it does take away some chronic stressors. From a business standpoint, the things I’ve given up on are all things that have had no return on the investment I’ve made […]

My Dad Died

My dad died awhile back, on Wednesday, 19 January 2011. He was diagnosed with lung cancer in the latter half of 2010, had a lung removed, and then developed an untreatable infection. Don’t smoke, people. The Past Here’s the thing: shame though it may be, for me, my dad died one summer afternoon about 17 […]

Null Set

i’ve done my part, but nothing has come of it. i have received no sign from her that she might be interested in what i have to offer. i was a good friend, i helped her move out, i wrote to her in Spain, i wrote her a poem, i visited her when she was […]

Confused Little Ant

I had lunch with her today. She had been gone to Spain all last semester, and had just gotten back the previous week. She came up to South Bend to get her job at the Center for the Homeless settled, and to run a few other errands. She cut her hair. I really like the […]

6 Ways to Skin a Cat

The Direct Approach Kill Cat. Make incision from throat to rump. Peel. Corollary: That shirt looks very becoming on you, and if I were on you I’d be coming too.* The Indirect Approach Obtain kitten. Raise kitten into cat. Provide food, toys, veterinary assistance, attention, love. Wait until cat dies. Make incision from throat to […]

Dating Race

i often think that i am too far behind in the dating game to ever make a good play of it. resignation fills the air like stale gym socks fill the locker room with that stale gym sock smell. (horrid simile intentional). i’ve still no idea what i’m doing. pretty much ever. everything gets recycled, […]

Full Immersion

i used to think that when i finally met the girl of my dreams she would be one to know everything about me. every last detail. i realize now that is bull. i don’t really think anyone truly wants to know everything about someone else. after all, most people have trouble trying to know everything […]


i did it! i, the incompetent foot-in-mouth antisuavo geekoid, asked a cute girl to go for some coffee and a chat! this is uncharted territory for me because i have been way too shy up until this point. she couldn’t do it because she has to look after her sister but she left me an […]

Jack Squat

i guess it goes without saying that being involved in a relationship is a very interesting and sometimes frightening experience. but i need to say it. hell, i don’t have much experience along these lines. what y’all know is new to me. i think the two fundamental aspects that should be basic to any relationship […]


“i’m not intimidated by you.” “i guess that’s a good thing…” “i’m gonna scale this wall of yours. i’ll kill you with kindness until you think i am the greastest person (all the while knowing i’m not) on earth and your ‘wall’ crumbles and you let me see the beautiful person inside. then i’ll laugh […]