The Killers

Thursday, 29 August 2002

i am a chicken with my head cut off. this will continue till mid december. grad schools, resumés, job interviews, work, web design, practice, homework, papers, tests, quizzes. it makes one fairly pant just reading it. i need to practice bilocating or go clone myself over at the bio building. with that done i could then spare enough energy to direct my army of mutant squirrels in their quest to control the world nut market. i also need to begin writing our section ‘news’letter as i did two years ago. nothing i quite like so much as making fun of everything and everyone in my hallway using horrible vulgarity and insult and getting away with it as a semi-​legitimate form of media.

here is an old one from two years ago. rather horribly vulgar.

Film Noir Screening: The Killers by Robert Siodmak (1946). The first two scenes are based on a short story by Ernest Hemingway, but the convoluted tale that follows is a rather good example of early noir. Burt Lancaster is an insurance claim investigator whose canniness is uncanny. His investigation unfolds the story through a series of flashbacks reminiscent of Citizen Kane. The femme fatale is played by Ava Gardner, and when she is around there are bodies everywhere. of course, she pays the price in the end. Some of the plot mechanisms were contrived, and the scripting could have been done much better, but overall it was a decent noir flik.