Reason #7004

Tuesday, 7 May 2002

5.7.02 INT. KEOUGH HALL RM. 435 10:19am DAY

reason #7004 why my roommate is a piece of shit and his girlfriend is a worthless ho: i am asleep. they come into the room, climb up into his loft, eat lunch and carry on like nothing, then go to sleep. who in the hell does that? especially when someone is asleep. eating lunch in bed with your girlfriend and laughing and crunching paper bags while i am trying to sleep. fuckers. at ten in the morning! the only reason i can think of to do such a thing is that it is done on purpose in order to piss me off. they should both be drawn and quartered over a slow fire while being beaten with nettles. then the chunks can be marinated and fed to pigs. only two more days with the little hairy dipshit.

today i am scrofulous