Cobbler’s Children

Monday, 7 December 2009

Probably the best reason to call for good web standard practices and a consistent and logical approach to building websites is the ease with which such good planning enables future-​proofing and upgrading how a site looks. In 2002, when I started this thing, I was blindly moving about using WYSIWYG, thinking I knew what CSS was and how RSS worked. Now that I’ve got my head around that, and know how to build lean, semantic markup, acknowledge the power that tags can have and understand first-​hand the importance of accessibility in expanding the web experience, I often want to go back and clean up all the dusty corners of this site, making each post pass all of the various tests that exist to test webpages.

I’ve been, every once in a moment, when I have a moment, been working on a redesign. HTML5 and CSS3, excellent typography and a new iteration of the minimal design aesthetic that’s become the norm here. I’ve been working on it for months, but it is still only barely started. It takes more time to figure out where I left off than it does to make changes and updates to the design. It’s the cobbler’s children.