Iraqi Stereotype

Monday, 7 April 2003

i’ve found some­thing dis­turb­ing. when­ev­er i catch a bit of news re­gard­ing the war, which is not much be­cause as long as peo­ple are dy­ing i don’t care for it, but when­ev­er i catch a bit of news con­tain­ing a pic­ture of a mous­ta­chioed Iraqi, they all look like Saddam Hussein. It is quite hard to tell one mous­ta­chioed Iraqi from an­oth­er, and i’m pret­ty sure this is pur­pose­ful. every­one knows about Saddam’s dop­pel­gangers. every­one knows that Saddam is crazy. every­one knows Saddam has a mous­tache. but if it ap­pears that every Iraqi has a mous­tache and looks like Saddam — does it not fol­low that all Iraqis are crazy? This is how racial pro­fil­ing pro­lif­er­ates. Even if it is un­in­ten­tion­al, the abun­dance of mous­ta­chioed evil Iraqis will cre­ate a stereo­type that all Iraqis are evil and mous­ta­chioed.