My Physical Deformities

Friday, 12 August 2005

Today I will de­scribe, in min­ute de­tail, my var­i­ous phys­i­cal de­for­mi­ties. Drumroll, please.

  • I have a slight limp in my left leg.
  • My nose is crooked.
  • The left side of my face is lower than the right side.
  • My left eye is less open than my right eye.
  • Sometimes I get long pu­bic-like nose­hairs.
  • I am slowly go­ing bald.
  • I am miss­ing a tooth.
  • I have a long scar on my right tem­ple.
  • I have a mu­tant patch of hair on the right side of my chest that is not matched on the left side.
  • I have a mole on my arm that grows pu­bic-like nose hairs.
  • I have a few pock­marks. [Should have lis­tened to mom when I had chicken pox]
  • I slouch.

Thank you.

Identity Monolectic

Wednesday, 5 February 2003

Something vaguely Lacanian has been run­ning through my mind the past cou­ple of days. a monolec­tic about iden­tity. when a person’s iden­tity is se­cure, (and by se­cure i mean that the pos­i­tive as­pects that a per­son per­ceives in them­self are val­i­dated, af­firmed and re­it­er­ated by some­one else) this en­ables them to re­visit the dark mo­ments in their past and learn and heal from them. this re­vis­i­ta­tion is not nos­tal­gic which in ef­fect cre­ates a world that is an ide­o­logue and can­not be re­turned to. the re­vis­i­ta­tion in­stead is truly cathar­tic, the truth is con­fronted and dealt with in­stead of mythol­o­gized.

the dif­fi­culty is suc­cess­fully chal­leng­ing this trauma-mem­ory with­out sac­ri­ficing your own iden­tity in re­la­tion to it. that is why you need a buddy to reaf­firm and hold on to your self while you are off slay­ing what­ever drag­ons are in your past.

i don’t know quite if this is right or not, but i think i have been ei­ther brave or fool­hardy and gone off to wrestle with mem­ory with­out hav­ing the nec­es­sary backup. may­hap, it has made me more in­di­vid­ual or may­hap this thought is a re­sult of an in­di­vid­u­al­ism that ex­isted be­fore trauma was con­fronted. in any case i’ve a prob­lem with in­di­vid­u­al­ism. but that is an­other story.

i sup­pose i’ve been suc­cess­ful at these con­fronta­tions (if they ac­tu­ally hap­pened) oth­er­wise i’d be a bit loony.